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Activating your CRM data using DMP: s

Blog post Published   5 March 2018

Data now flows across almost all aspects of digital media, and data management platforms have emerged to help marketers, publishers and other businesses make sense of it all.

In simple terms, a data management platform is a data warehouse. It’s a piece of software that sucks up, sorts and houses information, and spits it out in a way that’s useful for marketers, publishers and other businesses.

In theory, DMPs (Data Management Platforms) can be used to house and manage any form of information, but for marketers, they’re most often used to manage cookie IDs, pair it with CRM data and to generate audience segments, which are subsequently used to target specific users with online ads. With the rise of ad tech, advertisers now buy media across a huge range of different sites and through various middlemen, including DSPs, ad networks and exchanges. DMPs can help tie all that activity and resulting campaign and audience data together in one, centralized location and use it to help optimize future media buys and ad creative. It’s all about activating data to support a more relevant and seamless customer journey.

As the CRM world and the online ad-tech world is merging there are many new acronyms to keep track of…

This paper is an attempt to help guide you to the new lingo, read the summery here.

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Activating your CRM data using DMP: s

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