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B2E is not just a trend anymore

Blogginlägg Publicerad   26 juni 2019

We at Recoordinate have the habit to attend marketing events, specifically our technology vendors and partners events. It gives us new input and helps us build new solutions that is on the frontline of technology and that keeps up with customer trends.

When we attended Adobe Summit this year we learned more about their launch of the Adobe Experience Platform which is a promise to align the modules under one experience framework and platform. This means ease of integration and data harmonization across the customer experience plus removes data silos. This is a promising move and something that has been requested by customers in the past.

Download the full length whitepaper

Adobe also highlighted B2E (business to everyone) as not just a trend but something that Adobe is actively launching a set of capabilities to address everyone, everything, everywhere. B2C and B2B are not swimming in separate lanes anymore and the technology is there to support this business model and new blended experiences. Adobe is also continuing, and intensifying, the data collaborations in its open data initiative with Microsoft and SAP to bridge data gaps. In addition, Adobe has started partnerships with Microsoft and LinkedIn to be able to deliver new account-based marketing capabilities in Adobe and Marketo Engage. If you are a B2B (or B2E ;)) you should be checking this out and the data validation that it offers.

The experience DMP (data management platform) – it is about experience and not exposure; Adobe is now expanding the scope and support for their DMP solutions. The initial use cases for DMP: s was to activate customer data and create new segments using 2nd and 3rd party data. Now there is a shift to “The experience DMP” that supports the entire journey across bought, earned and own media. This is advertising in the experience era. The adobe world of advertising is supported by three key Adobe components. The technology platform is the Adobe Experience Platform that includes Marketing Automation and DMP. Audience driven personalization is delivered using customer behavior and data from Analytics and content. Execution is done using the omni channel DSP (demand side platform) for distribution and real time targeting.

No news really but a data driven operational model (DDOM) is key for your company to be able to join up the end to end customer experience. This means focusing on new efforts in data management, insight requirements and team enablement.

Get out there and make your data drive new experiences with technology as the enabler!

Axel Rinaldo
CEO Recoordinate

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B2E is not just a trend anymore

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