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Blog post Published   10 February 2016

Customer Experience is a word that is mentioned more and more often, but there are many different interpretations of what actually provides a great Customer Experience. Many marketers have challenges regarding how their different channels interact with customers. They don’t know which deals that have been communicated to each customer. They don’t have the ability to review their services, deliveries and other functions that has an effect on the customer experience. In order to deliver a good customer experience you need to have a clear view of the customers’ “buying process”.

Three tips:

• Identify the customer journey and each interaction with the customer, and also identify in which context each interaction take place.
• Based on a customer focused strategy, provide a clear plan for all client meetings, how to take the customer to the next step, how complaints and service will be handled, etc.
• Optimize over time – requires constant measuring, learning and improvement.

We at Recoordinate help companies to map their customer journeys and develop strategies for how to act in every interaction with the customer, to optimize the value for both the company and the customer.

Do you want to know more? Please contact us at info@recoordinate.com

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