We are always looking for new talent. If you feel you have the right competence and background to join our team – send your resumé and cover letter to

We are only as great as our people

We are generally and naturally humble but when it comes to our people its hard to be modest. Our team push boundaries and make the complex simple. We are needle-in-the-haystack finders who dream big and transform customer experiences.

Work and fun

Sure, we’re passionate about our work, but also about a whole lot more. We care for wild animals, powder skiing, boules playing and funky music. We’re dancers, cyclists, surfers, gamers, fashionistas and we know how to brew the best coffee.

Our beliefs

We compete differently, customer experience is a competitive advantage. Customer data tells us the right thing to do, that is where we start. Great people are ultimately what makes us unique and the complex simple.

Our values

Our values build our culture and drive us every day. We take pride in our positive approach and can-do-mentality. We take the right route, not always the easy one, and we believe that team delivery trumps delivery by individuals.



You work with design, form, copy and know how to create concepts that convert as well as implementing them in digital channels.



Agile coach

You are certified in agile and drive agile change projects today. Maybe you are product owner or scrum master and want to take the step into consulting and digital transformation.



Customer Analyst/Data Scientist

You love data and everything about it. You want to help and provide decision support to marketing based on your insights.



Senior Marketing Consultant

You have experience from digital transformation projects and customer journey development and want to take it further.



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