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Merry Christmas Experience (CX)

Uncategorized Published   24 December 2018

Merry Christmas Experience (CX)

2018 is drawing to a close and the coming days will be filled of presents, good food enjoyed if the company of our families and hopefully some snogging under the mistletoe – hopefully, all in all, a great CX (Christmas Experience) for us all.

It’s not new to you that, from a business perspective, you need to look at your customers as your extended (albeit distant) family. Working with customers at the center of attention within product development, marketing or any other value stream in your business continues to be paramount when delivering deliver customer delight, CX technology stacks and ultimately business growth.

Our customers tell us that, with the deepening of our offering within agency and creative services and the recent significantly enhanced delivery capability within BI and AI, enables us to help them develop their end to end CX capabilities like never before. During 2019 we aim to continue to deliver on customer expectations and further develop our services with our customers.

During 2018 Recoordinate was nominated as one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies at the DI Gasell awards, it was also the second time around. Thanks to all our customers, the team and our partners that make this journey possible. We continue to deliver new customer experiences and enable our customers to reap the results. The team is stoked!

Our team continues to deliver on challenging customer expectations and break new ground for our customers and during 2018 we have launched a new way of operating (yes its agile). Without the enthusiasm, needle in the haystack finding abilities and drive from the team little of this progress would have been possible and I am grateful and humbled to lead this team into 2019.

We believe that the foundation for our success has been laid by a relentless focus on delivering successful projects for our customers, being customer obsessed and from not being afraid of experimenting with new models. We have now developed a new operating model for the customer centric and omni channel enterprises which has launched in December 2018 and that we will release more broadly in 2019 – watch out for Omnigile and stay tuned!

We want to take the opportunity to wish our customers, our team, our potential customers and everybody else a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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