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Will GDPR boost the customer experience!?

Blog post Published   15 February 2017

On the contrary…. in only 15 months and 9 days the consumers will have more influence over how marketers can use their personal data. The purpose of the new e-Privacy directive and GDPR is essentially to protect consumers and their data. The big challenge is that with less data collection and storing the ability to deliver relevant customer communication will be restricted.

NOW is the time to act if you want your customers to keep sharing their personal data with you.

”The RIGHT message to the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT channel, with the RIGHT content and the RIGHT…” The list goes on, but few companies actually manage this well. It is complex, and requires a great deal of control of your customer data, smart analysis and trigger based dialogues. All this is a creative context powered by tonality, imagery, innovative ideas etc.

To handle all of this complexity it takes individuals with the right mindset and ability. We are no longer referring to ”T-shaped individuals” – generalists with one special skill. The age of customer experience requires ”Pi-shaped” co-workers, people that possess of dual super-powers: Tech + Creativity!



Powered by technology we can now address the emotional consumer. Many still believe that all decisions are rational but they are actually mostly made on emotional basis. Are we trying to fool the consumer using customer insight? Not at all! The purpose is to keep the consumer protected and the communication relevant. In order to succeed, we must offer products, services and add-ons suitable for the unique recipient and with a cadence that fits the individual. Not only rationally right according to our algorithms but also emotionally right according to the context or customer insight. How do we interpret the behaviour, values and emotions of the consumers… how do we reach and touch them?!

We also have to be RIGHT on time – ”Real-time”. We need rule based systems that trigger activities and we need people to create content for all the potential actions to turn this into the RIGHT action = NBA (Next Best Action).

Agile marketing departments are already common at a couple of leading companies like Spotify, Mynewsdesk, Vattenfall, Telia, Skandia etc. This is the future marketing department where autonomous teams are formed with end-to-end responsibility for certain customer segments to make sure that all customer touch points work in sync to deliver a world-class customer experience. Well, not for all customers, but the customers identified as the RIGHT customers in terms of future growth and profitability.

There´s a great demand for know-how and expertise within this area. We need more colleagues with super powers and that are Pi-shaped with both creative and data skills. Are you one of those, or do your company need a partner that can help you on the journey? Then you have found the RIGHT place – Get in touch: info@recoordinate.com.

Anna Leo
Principal Consultant at Recoordinate

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