Recoordinate – The CXM Company. We are needle-in-the-haystack finders who dream big and transform customer experiences. We help our customers create competitive advantages by putting their customers first and by delivering next generation customer journeys.

We specialize in developing our clients’ cross-departmental people, processes, technologies and data capabilities to support marketing, sales and customer service.

We tear down organizational silos to reshape the next generation data driven customer experience, in order to increase our customers’ corporate growth.

Agile & CX Transformation

Becoming Agile and Customer Obsessed has quickly become one of the most critical components of a corporate strategy. It is recognized as the only true sustainable competitive advantage in all aspects; to attract new customers, to create customer loyalty as well as attracting and keeping the best talent for your organization.

To truly succeed in such transformations requires organizations to make cultural changes and to rewire themselves operationally and financially.

Typical business values achieved with CX Transformation:


Multichannel customers are worth 8 times more than those who shop in one channels


With a seamless experience companies have up to 2,9 times more visits to their digital properties


Multichannel customers generate up to 3,2 times more revenue than store-only shoppers

87 %

With defined customer journeys companies can target 87% of potential customers that are doing online research before engaging with them

You – from the customer’s point of view

Introduce methodologies to map and work with Customer Journeys. That will put everything your organization do into the customer’s point of view, allowing your organisation to prioritize and realign your efforts to what matters most for your customers. This is a very good starting point for your CX transformation and where our team can help you take it further.

The Customer as your Compass

Our team has extensive experience from how organizations are should be steered and governed in a customer obsessed enterprise. Introduce CX metrics in your performance management and tie all performances from individuals, teams, sales targets to optimize the customer experience.

Transform into Agile

Transform your siloed organisation into a modern Agile organization and you will see a tremendous boost in Innovation, Productivity as well as greater Customer Experience and more engaged and committed co-workers. We will work with you to build an entirely new Agile Operating Model for your organization where agile teams can thrive and focus on delivering world-class customer experiences.

Agile Training & Coaching

Recoordinate’s Agile Coaches are deeply skilled in the world of Marketing, Sales & Services – this makes us we build tailored Agile Training Programs for agile leaders, teams and individuals with the right context that makes sense for your organisation.

Creative Concepts & Dialogue

Our customers move from managing customer touchpoints to customer journeys and we can help you to identify, develop and implement data driven customer journeys based on customer analytics, customer behavior and context.

Our journey designers build creative concepts, programs and content that encourage strong, lasting customer connections to a brand.

Customers who interact with companies that work in a structured way with creative concepts and dialogue will typically experience:

61 %

feel better about a company that delivers custom content

70 %

of the buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated

86 %

would pay more for a better customer experience

1 %

feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations

Journey Design

Based on analysis and interviews we shape and perform new customer journeys. We map these journeys from the outside-in perspective, taking the customers viewpoint as they interact with your business.

Creative Concepts

Our relationship marketing strategists develop creative concepts and programs to support the customer journeys and to secure that relevant content and messaging is presented in each touchpoint during the customer journey.

Content Marketing

Based on developed, co-created or repurposed content we build content strategies for our customers. Based on the customer persona, journey or context we leverage the right content at the right time to drive customer acquisition, cross sell or retention.

Copy & Design

Our designers and copy experts help design and develop messaging that not only converts well, but is also adapted to every channel and formats in the customer journey.

Marketing Technology

The technology development is moving at a rapid pace and companies are now able to support customer journeys and customer communication across own, bought and earned media.

We specialize in the implementation of solutions for marketing automation, data management platforms, social media and content marketing.

Once implemented, we help to “bring it all together” and provide a holistic customer journey across channels and technology platforms.

Typical business values achieved with Marketing Technology:

70 %

of companies are using a marketing automation platform or currently implementing one

43 %

of marketing professionals say that social media is one of their most effective tactics, but 49% call it one of the most difficult ones to manage

68 %

of CX professionals believe DMPs are key to the future of programmatic marketing

78 %

of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing

Marketing Automation & Campaign Management

Go from large, “one size fits all” campaigns to “next best activity” in both inbound and outbound channels. We help you tie together data, knowledge and technology in order to offer your customers uniquely designed campaigns in the right channel, at the right time, based on the customers’ preferences.

DMP, Display & Programmatic

Use several data sources, find twins of your best customers and create powerful segments. Bid, create ads and personalize across all channels. Retarget. Digital advertising can be confusing but we help you with the technical aspects of the programmatic process so you can focus on running successful campaigns.

Social Media Marketing & Monitoring

It’s a constantly changing game and you need to find the channels where your customers are active and then build a relationship by producing content worth sharing. We help you develop your social media strategy to manage your social media platforms, improve your brand presence and attract new customers.

Content Marketing & Management

Content Marketing focus on the first two stages of the buying process. You want to raise awareness of solutions and educate consumers about products they never have considered. We help you create, distribute and optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey – to drive profitable customer action.

Customer Insight

To succeed in today’s data landscape of increasing volumes and complexity it is necessary to correctly capture, manage and harness all the potential.

It is clear that precise and relevant marketing activities is much more efficient than the traditional spray-and-pray ones.

Our team has experience from multiple types of businesses and deep knowledge and experience to extract and visualize insights from data, turning this this into executable and profitable marketing activities.

Typical business values achieved with Customer Insight:

80 %

of your total turnover comes from 20% of your customers

50 %

of your marketing investments has no effect due to bad targeting

67 %

of companies with 15% or more year over year growth have an insights driven agenda

75 %

of opt-out to emails are due to over communication and irrelevant content

Data Mining

Are you using the full potential of your data? Are you getting all the right answers and insights essential for developing and optimizing your marketing activities? By using advanced statistical modelling and cloud computing we can help you to find the right answers and key insights.

Data Structure

The key to success in customer insights is using data which is reliable, structured and accessible. The work effort is commonly divided into 80% data preparation and 20% analytics. Our team has vast experience of making customer data actionable through modelling and integrations.

Customer Profiling

To fully understand your customers and their needs it is necessary to profile and track your customer information. We can help you create segmentation models, conduct deep structural analysis of your customer base, setup dashboards and use advanced predictive modelling to find explanatory indicators, in order to maximize campaign ROI.

KPIs and performance measurement

It is essential to measure performance of both marketing activities and the value of your customers. By using customer and behavior data we make sure that your marketing activities are properly measured and that you have a KPI framework in place to measure the performance of your customers.

Marketing Operations

Marketing is experiencing digital disruption at a steady rate because of the explosion of available marketing channels, a more interactive engagement economy and a general demand for shorter time to market.

In this turbulent environment dictated by ever changing customer behavior, there is also pressure to increase marketing output with fewer resources. This means marketing must prove itself both as a value- and revenue center.

To manage this disruption, smart marketers deploy marketing operation platforms such as MRM or DAM platforms to provide a system of accountability, prove ROI, and facilitate great customer experiences at every touch point.

Typical business values achieved with Marketing Operations:

72 %

increased control and secured alignment of assets by managing all digital assets in one DAM solution

80 %

reduced time when producing reports by aligning all relevant data in one common interface

65 %

more efficient processes while using agile processes and workflow tools for all marketing operations activities

60 %

cut costs in external production by doing more production inhouse and using MRM tools

Budgeting and Planning

Enables you to get a total overview of all your marketing plans, activities and tasks – including budget estimates and actuals. This view ensures transparency, coordination and ultimately faster and quicker turnaround. We have the experience from setting up marketing dashboards, create planning hierarchies and configuring framework for marketing and ROMI reporting.

Manage your digital assets

The digitalization is moving forward at a fast pace and technology quickly becomes obsolete. It is vital to invest in a dynamic DAM solution which supports dynamic processes. We can help you create a strategy for digital asset management and implement a technology that will give you control of your digital assets.

Workflow processes

Are your marketing projects running according to schedule and according to budget? We can help you create processes that enables quick and efficient real time activity monitoring through interfaces that align activity projects with your creative teams.

Campaign analysis and reporting

What is the impact of your campaign? Our team can help you create a relevant objectives framework that will enable efficient follow up and analysis of your campaigns.

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